Our Process

Client satisfaction drives our internal processes


During the discovery process, our team of VoIP and network experts thoroughly evaluate your current phone system, voice services, network architecture and pain points to offer meaningful, scalable solutions. We want to deeply understand what drives your business and how we can meaningfully improve your organization’s communication platform and your client’s customer service experience.  

Project Management

During each phase of onboarding, our project managers will work closely with your company’s stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition. Regularly scheduled project update calls and prompt follow up will keep your team apprised of outstanding action items and will make sure that your company is prepared for a successful VoIP deployment.

Ongoing Support & Training

During implementation and ongoing support, our training department will ensure that your team members are prepared to successfully administer and effectively utilize the features and functionality available in your PBX solution. We offer on-site, web-based and interactive online learning modules to best suit your organization's training needs  Our dedicated and responsive 24x7 support team will be readily available to resolve issues and provide additional training and support as needed. Our support staff seeks to build productive relationships with your team members to create a meaningful, long-lasting partnership.

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