Network Design & Architecture


ITC’s attention to detail is second to none.  Our proactive engineers will ensure that your network architecture is optimized for primetime VoIP.

Proactive Network Assessment

Looking to build your network infrastructure from the ground up or just fine tune?  Our experts will work closely with your team to analyze and monitor your network’s existing capabilities and make reliable hardware recommendations.  Our network assessment includes a thorough review of your internal LAN wiring, network switches, firewalls, and router hardware and we will assist with configuring “Quality of Service” (QoS) to minimize call latency, jitter and packet loss. Let our team configure VLAN to prevent VoIP devices from competing with other network traffic and your DHCP server to allow for simplified device provisioning and deployment.  We will make prudent suggestions that can save your system administrators time, your company money and ensure a successful deployment and VoIP experience.

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