Enterprise Mobility for Construction


We understand the fast paced nature of the construction industry and the importance of meeting project deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction.  Our unified communications solutions will empower your project managers, site engineers, supervisors and office staff to communicate efficiently and focus on what they do best.

Efficiently route clients, suppliers and vendors to the correct resource

Our PBX systems can easily manage your construction firm’s call volume and overflow with intuitive system configuration. Configure your operator call group queues to “live” answer or provide special entry and exit messages, custom hold music and recurring comfort messages while providing the caller’s position and wait times.  For operator/receptionists, provide virtual or physical sidecars to monitor user call status before transferring call or sending directly to voicemail. Escalate client calls based on average wait time or a predetermined number of callers currently in queue. Offer callers the option to receive an automatic callback while not losing their place in queue or automatically route calls to the previous agent they spoke with earlier in the day.  For after hours emergencies configure special on-call routing and priority message escalation.

Mobile & remote solutions for job sites, engineers and supervisors

Allow your staff to work remotely using a mobile or desktop application to send and receive calls as if they are in a main or satellite office.  Setup deskphone or conference phones at job sites that have a reliable internet connection to allow three or four digit extension dialing. User presence, presence “notes” and instant messaging will provide your workers with secure communication channels and visibility into current staff location and status.  


Comprehensive real-time monitoring

Supervisors have powerful monitoring tools to view real time call statistics via a desktop application or web browser. Configure notification alerts by service level, caller wait time or number of callers waiting in queue.  Managers can silently monitor operators or agents and whisper or barge-in for those difficult calls. For busier offices with a call center type environment consider a wallboard display that provides real-time statistics to agents, supervisors and executive management.

Easy to use historical reporting

Our reporting solutions provide powerful templates and tools to extract statistical data on inbound and outbound calling for your organization.  Configure and schedule reports to be automatically generated and delivered via email or upload to a shared network folder or drive. Search for specific calls drawing from a comprehensive list of available fields.  Export report data into your preferred file type with options that include PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML or XML.

Call recording and archiving

Don’t let poor vendor or site manager communication on a particular project leave your organization exposed. Our PBX call recording solutions let administrators easily enable or disable call recording at the user or call group level.  Call groups can be configured for automatic full-time call recording, on-demand or both and allow agents to pause the recording while capturing sensitive client information. For verification or auditing purposes, management can easily review, listen to or download recent call recordings directly from the PBX via a desktop application.  We also offer enterprise-grade solutions to permanently archive all call recordings on a dedicated server.

Callscripts & data collection

Are you looking for reliable, reportable metrics regarding inbound or outbound calling?  Our solutions can present operators with customized templates that include optional or required text, drop-down fields or check boxes related to a project, job site, vendor, or supplier.  Easily access this historical call data when generating management reports.


Ease of use & team collaboration

Quickly view presence of other employees and quickly setup speed dial and frequently called contact lists.  For outbound calling, effortlessly dial from any document, web page or electronic record. Easily send secure instant messages between team members during project execution.

Voicemail message transcription

Are your staff tired of having to listen through endless new voicemail messages or simply want the ability to quickly reference a voicemail’s text?  If so, then this service is a perfect fit. Within a minute or two of receiving a voicemail message, your users will receive an accurate transcription of the voicemail received.

Enhanced E911 for VoIP

Since VoIP devices can easily be located wherever a stable internet connection is available, it is important to properly distribute devices and accurately configure the E911 address for each location.  Our through onboarding process and proactive system maintenance will ensure that your E911 services are properly configured, maintained and updated for existing and new locations.

3rd Party Integration

We may have the ability to integrate with your agencies CRM,  business applications or 3rd party tools. Let us know your current system needs and our team will provide a workable solution.

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