Denco Sales Company

Denco Sales Company

Company Founded:  1953
Office Locations:  8
Employees:  140

The Challenge  

Reliable communication with clients, vendors and resellers is of paramount importance to Denco Sales Company.  With 8 office locations across the western United States, Denco needed the flexibility to intelligently and quickly adjust call routing based on inbound call volume and be able to gather and analyze those call metrics.  They were searching for a reliable, responsive enterprise grade unified communications solution that gave them the control, flexibility and solutions that could connect their office network across the western US.  They chose ITC Telecom.

The Solutions

  • Intuitive administrator interface to quickly and easily make call routing changes
  • Responsive customer service when changes need to be made quickly and time is of the essence
  • Configured dynamic auto attendant and call center solutions to expedite call routing and improve agent time to answer
  • Desktop call control application that connected offices with user presence, voicemail to email, group chat
  • Robust reporting solutions that provide call detail records and statistical data to effectively manage office staffing levels